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Surgeon Testimonials

"NanoBone avoids the hazards of BMP and autograft harvest.  It’s a hydrophilic bone graft substitute that assists in bone formation and fusion.  NanoBone is uniquely positioned to get the bone graft substitute into a very small space to create conditions for fusion by creating a natural osteogenic matrix within days of implantation."

 -  William Lavelle, MD 

     Upstate Orthopedics,

     East Syracuse, NY

“With NanoBone in bone healing process, you have autologous extracellular matrix forming within 15 days, whereas other products take much longer within 4 to 8 weeks.” 

 -  Gil Ortega, MD, MPH 

     Sonoran Orthopedics

     Scottsdale, AZ

“The ease of use of NanoBone is something you cannot underestimate. Especially in time sensitive cases or cases where the scrub tech does not know how to mix materials.” 

 -  Sean MacMillan, DO 

     Virtua Medical Center

     Burlington County, NJ


“NanoBone has utility for multiple arthrodesis cases. I like the texture …. it’s super fun to use, stays where you put it, and has very nice handling, as well as works well clinically. My NanoBone patients are doing great!”

– Jeffrey McAlister, DPM, FACFAS

    Phoenix Foot and Ankle Institute

    Phoenix, AZ

“The special structure of NanoBone results in extremely rapid bone formation and bony remodeling back to the host bone….not causing any problems for potential future procedures. At 3-months postop, there is only 19% NanoBone remaining demonstrating rapid osteogenesis, and a real difference in the quality of the new bone.”

 -  Howard Rosenthal, MD, FACS, FAAOS 

     Kansas University Medical Center,

     Kansas City, KS

"I have complete confidence in arthrodesis achieved in a timely fashion with NanoBone with no threat of overgrowth or reactive airway marrow soft tissue associated with the biologics.”

 -  Michael Schneier, MD, 

     Neurosurgical Consulting,

     Las Vegas, NV

“NanoBone is the bone graft substitute product you want to use on your patients who are smokers…diabetic…or have healing issues.  It’s so easy to use….”

 -  David Yaeger, DPM 

     Morrison Community Hospital,

     Morrison, IL


“NanoBone makes a great seal on the periosteum and looks just like bone. You can irrigate on top of NanoBone and not worry about assistants or residents washing it away. It’s very resilient.”

-  Scott Faucett, MD

   George Washington Hospital,

   Washington, D.C.

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