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NanoBone  is a clinically-proven bone graft substitute that's unique in its ability to harness the body’s own capacity to heal bone. NanoBone consists of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite dispersed in an amorphous silica gel matrix.


NanoBone  SBX Putty

  • NanoBone SBX Putty combines advanced bone repair with exceptional handling for the surgeon

  • NanoBone SBX Putty contains a modified poloxamer carrier providing stiffness at body temperature, allowing it to stay where the surgeon puts it, even with irrigation


NanoBone  QD

  • NanoBone QD features NanoBone SBX Putty in an easy-to-use applicator designed for quick delivery​

  • NanoBone QD facilitates rapid implantation of our bone graft substitute in a controlled and precise manner​




NanoBone  Overview


Consistent, reliable, predictable outcomes

NanoBone performs as well as autograft with lower risk of infection and postoperative pain from the harvest site. NanoBone has 10 years of clinical experience in over 100,000 cases in the US and EU, with surgeons continuing to use NanoBone as their first choice for patients.

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